Terms and Condition


Using/Registering on the site or application or entering this service, and using it with an account, means that you fully agree with the terms and conditions of this document, as well as the Privacy Policy document. Do not use this website and application if you do not agree with these terms.


  • You / user / visitor is any person who visits the Tazevared website or Application or uses the information contained therein in any way.
  • Our / Tazevared / system / Service Refers to Tazevared Website or Application.
  • The content contains any information contained in the Tazevared service. This information is all available and relevant information for a business, its comments, its store in the system.

Changes in these Terms and Condition

We may make changes to the terms of use of the site. You can be notified of any changes by visiting this page at any time.

Terms of use of the site and application

Competence and legitimacy

If you are our competitor or in the past your access to our site has been blocked in any way, you cannot use our service and our information in any way.

Permission to use the site and application

We only allow you to access this site if you agree to our terms of use. Use the information on this site only at your own risk. This information is all provided by site users and may not be accurate or even completely incorrect.

Site availability

This site and application may be updated, changed, or even made fully unavailable without notice at any time.

User Account

To use some parts of this website and application, you must create an account and provide us with your basic information such as your name and email. You are responsible for any activity you perform on the system. We reserve the right to block your account without notice and for any reason.

  • You can only use your account for non-commercial purposes.
  • You cannot use fake / offensive / names for yourself.
  • You cannot use the names of actors and celebrities for yourself.
  • You cannot have multiple accounts in the system.
  • You cannot create an account for another person without their permission.
Using the site and application

After registration, it is assumed that you have agreed to receive some newsletters or system / management messages.


Responsibility for the content you produce

You are Only responsible for detriment resulting from the use of the content that you produce. You cannot introduce yourself as a representative or trusted person of our service in any way. Your review on business does not mean it is system opinion on that business.

Our right to use the materials produced by you

We reserve the right to expose, modify, delete, or otherwise use the content produced by you as a material for advertising and other services of us.

Content ownership

Between you and us, you own the content you produce, but we also own your content